Statue of Theodore Roosevelt at the Museum of the City of New York: A famous 80-year-old Roosevelt statue is removed due to controversies


A statue of US President Theodore Roosevelt is removed from New York. The controversial statue has stood here, outside the entrance to the American Museum of Natural History since 1940.

The process of removing the statue has now begun with specialists, having been approved by several agencies in New York. The whole process costs a total of $2 million. The statue depicts President Roosevelt on horseback, with a Native American and an African American walking behind him.

The statue will be moved to North Dakota, where it will be kept in the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library.

The removal of the statue comes after protests from critics since the 1970s. It has been argued that the statue is a symbol of colonialism and racism. But that is not the extent of the problem. Roosevelt is known as someone who held racist beliefs. In fact, the former president played a major role in evacuating Native Americans from their lands to create the national park system.

The statue was designed by James Earle Fraser, an American sculptor, in 1939. While the upper body of the Roosevelt statue has already been removed, the rest of the parts will be moved into pieces over a week-long period. The statue is now surrounded by scaffolding.

Some people, however, are of the opinion that the removal of such a statue is the erasure of history.


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