Statue of Türkiye’s first elected female mayor damaged

MERSİN – Demirören News Agency

The statue of Türkiye’s first female mayor, Müfide İlhan, was attacked and her head and hands stolen in the southern province of Mersin.


The July 26 assault is the second attack on the statue erected in the province’s Yenişehir district in four months.

“During the routine checks of our staff in the field, it was noticed that the head and two parts of the statue of Müfide İlhan had been cut and stolen,” said Kerem Açıkel, head of the culture and parks department. of the municipality.

“We experienced the same incident on March 2. During the incident, the statue’s head and hands were stolen once again,” he added.

According to Açıkel, “the necessary requests have been made to the police and the legal proceedings regarding the theft have been initiated”.

“We will follow the case closely,” he said.

Asking city residents to be more sensitive to the issue and immediately notify park staff if they notice or see such incidents, Açıkel promised to “restore the Müfide İlhan statue as soon as possible.”


Born in 1911 in Istanbul, İlhan made a debut after becoming mayor of Mersin in the 1950 elections.

Due to political conflicts, she left her position in December 1951. The first female mayor of the city of Türkiye lost her life on February 2, 1996 in the Aegean coastal tourist center of Bodrum.

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