Stay alternatives to some of the world’s top tourist attractions – and one of them is in North Wales



If you’re not going abroad this year, here’s how you can experience the same feeling closer to home.

Due to the lingering uncertainty surrounding international travel, the UK is currently experiencing a travel boom and North Wales is no exception.

As the world begins to regain a new sense of normalcy, countries are added and removed from UK travel lists on a daily basis.

This has left many people uncertain and hesitant about booking vacations abroad, fearing they will have to cancel, delay and struggle to get a refund.

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But just because people can’t go abroad doesn’t mean they’re willing to sacrifice that “vacation feeling”. A recent study found that four in ten people are planning to go on holiday to the UK this year.

So whether you’re craving cocktails in Spain, the countryside of southern France, or wanting to travel further afield in the ‘Big Apple’, there are plenty of places the Brits miss to visit this year.

With that in mind, Asda Money has found the best options for the real thing – and they’re right on your doorstep.

Alistair Ball, Insurance Manager for Asda Money, comments: “The holidays will be a bit different this year for a lot of us, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t much to enjoy here yet. UK and abroad when we are able to.

“I hope these alternative locations provide excellent vacation destinations to visit this year, or inspiration for the future.”



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