Stink Around Navi Mumbai’s Tourist Spot To Go As Nmmc Sets Up Pipeline | News from Navi Mumbai

NAVI MUMBAI: Visitors to a lake in Navi Mumbai will soon be able to breathe easy. The foul stench emanating around ‘Jewel of Navi Mumbai, the lake which is a tourist spot in Nerul, will soon be a thing of the past, says the municipality. To avoid the foul smell given off by the discharge of sewage into the lake, the municipality has drawn up a plan for an independent sewage system for the villages around the lake as it will protect the flora and fauna around the body of water. .
The civic body has allocated Rs 4.6 crore to lay the sewer line around the lake area to pump out sewage. The lake has mangrove forests around it in addition to migratory birds that flock to the place. Sewage that was dumped into the lake from nearby villages will be connected to the sewage system after years of neglect.
The pipeline will solve the problem of illegal dumping of water into the lake and facilitate sewage collection pipes to the villages.
NMMC chief Abhijit Bangar said officials had been ordered to complete the job by May 31. .
NMMC Municipal Engineer Sanjay Desai said sewer lines 560 meters long and 80mm in diameter are being laid from the lake to the sewage treatment plant. “The works are in full swing and the whole sewage system will be ready by the end of this month,” he said.
NMMC Executive Engineer Arvind Shinde said the pipeline will have 29 cleaning points.

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