Stonehenge voted one of the three worst tourist attractions in the world


Stonehenge has been voted one of the three worst tourist attractions in the world in terms of value for money.

The other two are Buckingham Palace and the Empire State Building in New York.

A visitor feedback survey by travel agency Park Sleep Fly found that while Druids may hail Stonehenge as a special site, some tourists are so unimpressed that a Trip Advisor reviewer called it “fair a pile of rocks”.

Another, who complained about the £19.50 ticket to experience the ancient monument, moaned: ‘It’s a rip off, typical British management, unfriendly sociopathic people hungry for money and unfriendly to culture “.

Although Stonehenge is thought to have taken around 1,500 years to build, the British icon which is now the subject of a new exhibition at the British Museum does not inspire everyone’s admiration.

Another dissatisfied culture buff commented, “If you want to see a pile of old stones stacked on top of each other, go to your local cemetery” and another tourist whined, “It’s really not as impressive as you think or imagine. , the stones are much smaller than expected.

Park Sleep Fly commented: “Stonehenge is a famous landmark in the UK, although it seems a number of its visitors aren’t too impressed, with 8% negative reviews.

Stonehenge tied for second place in the poll of places world travelers find ugly, with a rating of 1.9 out of 10, the same as that given to that other national treasure, Buckingham Palace.

Although the home of royalty got fewer bad reviews, 3.3% complained about what they saw for the £30 trip price.

One visitor wrote on Trip Advisor: “Waste of money, most of the garden is cordoned off, extra to see the rose garden. Would not recommend this experience, more time spent in line to get through security!”

And another, after visiting the palace last August, complained: “That should be a zero rating. Most of the garden is cordoned off and I would say the garden is in poor condition at best.

“They suggest you spend two or three hours there. You won’t stay there long because it’s boring, unless you have a picnic on the lawn. The Queen is definitely not a gardener.”

But according to the 4.2% of visitors who don’t like the £32.57 price of a trip there, the Empire State Building is the world’s number one cheapest tourist attraction.

Although the 102-story Art Deco skyscraper has appeared in more than 250 films, been climbed by King Kong and was a romantic inspiration in An Affair To Remember and Sleepless In Seattle, 1,601 people gave it a star on Trip Advisor, with one claiming, “the view is terrible”.


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