Sydney’s top tourist attractions are the perfect addition to any Australia itinerary



Sydney’s tourist attractions really deserve attention, and they are worth committing to.

Sydney has it all when it comes to cities. Its safety ratings, cleanliness, and friendly community are all welcome attributes that make travelers feel like they’re in a home away from home. While these are all winning characteristics that every city should have, Sydney offers a lot more than that – its top tourist attractions are what makes exploring this city so fun.

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From the history of the Sydney Opera House to the attractions that overlook one of the world’s most beautiful harbors, a traveler will never have a boring day in this city. It’s perhaps the less explored things that offer a new take on an old town, but in Sydney it’s the most beloved parts that make it so worthy of a vacation.

Spend time with Australian wildlife at Taronga Zoo

Head to the Mosman district to see some of Sydney’s most treasured wildlife up close. This zoo is home to local species as well as those from around the world, making it an intriguing destination for any animal lover. Guests can visit each exhibit and learn about the species native to this beautiful country, while learning about the animal species that have come to Taronga Zoo for various reasons.

a koala eating leaves at toranaga zoo


However, exhibits aren’t the only thing that keeps customers coming back again and again. Taronga offers special experiences such as roaring and snoring, which allow guests to stay overnight at the zoo to observe the natural nighttime habits of some of its animal species. Guests will also learn about Aboriginal life through a tour of Nura Diya, which features knowledgeable guides who are happy to answer questions and share what they know.

Soak up the flora and fauna at the Royal Botanic Gardens

The great thing about the Royal Botanic Gardens is that they overlook Sydney Harbor which anyone who has seen photos can attest to being absolutely stunning. If you plan your visit correctly, you might be lucky enough to watch the sunset over the harbor, another truly amazing sight. Inside the gardens, however, guests will be treated to a different kind of beauty – a beauty enhanced by over 7,000 types of plants.

a bee exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens


Although most of them are native to Australian flora, there are more tropical species which are rare for the region. The entire garden is free to visit, and guests can opt for a self-guided tour if they wish to spend a few hours walking around and seeing each exhibit. Guided tours are also available, however, and they’re free too – so it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of both.

Take in panoramic city views from the Sydney Tower

Unsurprisingly, the Sydney Tower is the tallest building in the city. From the top, it stands at a height of 1073 feet, which as one might imagine offers some pretty stellar views of the surrounding cityscape. And if you’re wondering how to get to the top, the answer is simple: an elevator.

sydney sky tower

Steve Tritton /

Guests of the Sydney Tower can take the elevator to the top, called the Sydney Tower Eye. The top of the tower is made up of a round viewing platform that is fully enclosed and allows guests to walk around it, making a full circle to where they started. Anyone with vertigo will likely forget it as soon as they approach the tower windows, which offer 360-degree panoramic views of the city and harbor below, as far as the eye can see. For those who wish to spend a little more time in the tower, they can choose from three dining establishments inside.

Visit the jewel of the harbor, Sydney Opera House

Of course, no visit to Sydney is complete without the Sydney Opera House. It’s the most iconic landmark in the whole city, and it’s also the first thing most people think of when they imagine Sydney. From its location, it offers views of the harbor as well as the Royal Botanic Gardens, and that’s all before guests even discover what awaits them inside.

Sydney opera /

The architecture of the Opera House dates back to the 20th century when it was designed by an architect named Jørn Utzon. The idea was to create a theater that had the appearance of a sailing ship, which was made with curved roof pieces that look like sails blown by the wind. Being in the presence of the Opera, visiting it or attending a concert from its sacred halls, is really special.

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