Teenager defecated in front of stunned staff at busy tourist spot



A security guard was dismayed after a teenager dropped his shorts and defecated in public at a popular South Derbyshire beauty spot in the latest in a series of issues.

The shocking incident was one of many that saw rangers from Severn Trent-run Foremark Reservoir near Repton calling police to help them temporarily close the beach to the public. A main problem was the people swimming in the reservoir, despite warnings about the dangerousness of the water.

It comes after the site was forced to close early in warm weather on Thursday, July 22, due to a series of incidents, including people swimming in the reservoir, where there are rapid undercurrents.

The Mercia Police Safer Neighborhood Team had been the Foremark reservoir following problems last week only to be called in again to deal with another long list of problems at the tourist site. On Thursday, July 22, the venue was forced to close early due to a long list of incidents,

The disgusting teenager was among the latest incidents to which police have been called and an investigation is underway to find the person responsible. The site has public toilets, with police telling people visiting the site to make sure they use them.

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A spokesperson for the team said: “With grief, officers have been called to the Foremark tank again over concerns for public safety. The officers visited the tank today and were horrified by the ‘hear the rangers talk about the increase in anti-social behavior.

“To the young teenager who chose to take off his shorts and underwear in front of a security guard before crouching down to defecate in public – what were you thinking? Without any thought for this member of staff, visitors to the places and human health, the young people showed complete disregard for people nearby.

“Please use the public restroom and never behave in this disgusting manner. An investigation is underway to identify this person.”

A “reckless” parent was told by the police not to return to the tourist site after deciding to give his children swimming lessons in waters rich in alkaline, very dangerous, fast and deep.

A grandfather was also caught putting two very young children in an inflatable dinghy before attempting to push it into deep water, a police spokesperson said.

He said that despite several attempts to “involve and educate visitors about the dangers of reservoir fluids, people continue to enter the extremely deep and toxic waters.”

Due to the persisting antisocial behavior at the reservoir, forest rangers asked officers to attend the scene and temporarily close all beaches to members of the public.

It wasn’t just people trying to swim in the tank, one dog walker also thought it was okay to allow his pet to cool off in the water. When officers told him the beaches were closed due to the dangers, he stunned passers-by by asking if he could access another beach 50 meters away. And he looked confused when a police officer told him it was the same dangerous water, a spokesperson said.

A long list of morons wreaked havoc during the heatwave on Thursday, leading worried police and staff to shut down the tourist site early over fears for public safety.

In just three hours, officers were strained as they faced a myriad of issues that began with a drunken man missing from the waters and ended with the site being forced to close due dangers.

Police said the site was closed at 5:30 p.m. that day because of “the unruly conduct of dozens of visitors raised concern.”

One incident involved an idiot barbecuing who was incredibly annoyed having to retreat to allow emergency crews access to the area as the search for the man began.

And there was even a woman riding her horse in the tank to cool off. Stunned officers said that when questioning the rider, she said she saw giant red signs saying: “No swimming”, but she did not see a warning for: “No swimming on the way up. on horseback “.

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