Teenager poops in front of security guard at famous tourist spot



A security guard was surprised as a teenager pooped in public at a famous beauty spot in South Derbyshire, the latest in a series of incidents.

The horrible event was one of the many at the Foremark Reservoir managed by Severn Trent near Repton. Rangers called the police to help them temporarily block the beach from the public. People swimming in the reservoir despite warnings about the dangers of the water were a major problem.

This comes after the site was forced to close early due to a series of events, including people swimming in the reservoir. After a series of disturbances at Foremark Reservoir last week, the Mercia Police Safer Quarter team has been called in again to deal with a long list of issues related to the tourist attraction. As a result, authorities shut down the tourist attraction on Thursday, July 22.

The revolting teenager was one of the more recent events to which the police were summoned. An investigation is currently underway to locate the suspect. The site has public toilets and the authorities encourage visitors to use them.

A spokesperson for the team said: “With sadness, the officers were once again called to the Foremark Reservoir following public safety concerns. Officers attended the tank today and were horrified to hear the rangers talk about the increase in anti-social behavior.

“To the young teenager who chose to take off his shorts and underwear in front of a security guard before crouching down to defecate in public – what were you thinking? Without any thought for this member of staff, visitors to the places and human health, the young people showed complete disregard for people nearby.

“Please use the public restroom and never behave in this disgusting manner. An investigation is underway to identify this person.”

After giving his children swimming lessons in waters rich in alkaline, very dangerous, fast and deep, a “reckless” parent was ordered by the authorities not to return to the tourist attraction.

According to a police spokesperson, a grandfather was also seen putting two very young children in an inflatable rubber dinghy before attempting to push him into dangerous waters.

People continue to enter the extraordinarily deep and dangerous waters despite numerous attempts to “educate and educate visitors about the risks of reservoir fluids,” he said.

Officers were dispatched to the reservoir after park rangers demanded that all areas of the beach be temporarily closed to the public due to the continuing disruptive behavior.

It wasn’t just individuals trying to swim in the reservoir; a dog walker thought it was good to let his dog cool off in the water as well. When the cops informed him that the beach areas were restricted due to the risks, he surprised by asking him if he could go to another beach 50 meters away. According to a spokesperson, he appeared puzzled when a police officer informed him that it was the same noxious water.

During Thursday’s heatwave, multitudes of people caused chaos, prompting police and anxious employees to shut down the tourist attraction early due to public safety concerns.

Officers were put to the test in just three hours, facing a multitude of incidents that began with the disappearance of a drunken man from the waters and ended with the forced closure of the site because of the dangers.

Police said the facility was closed around 5:30 p.m. that day because “the unruly behavior of dozens of people was causing considerable concern,” police said.

One incident included a person preparing a barbecue who became angry when forced to withdraw to allow emergency services access to the area as the search for the man began.

There was also a woman cooling off while riding her horse in the tank. When investigators questioned the rider, she said she noticed large red signs saying “No swimming” but did not see a warning saying “No swimming while riding” .

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