Tesla Giga Texas expansion: area open to public, soon to be a tourist spot, says Elon Musk—electric boats?


Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas will soon benefit from an expansion that will turn the factory into a whole new experience, with Elon Musk teasing the factory to offer amenities as a future tourist spot in the area. The expansion focuses on an additional 500,000 square feet of land towards the river behind it, soon to be opened to the public.

This will only happen if the plant becomes financially stable and can support itself quickly.

Elon Musk: Tesla Giga Texas extension coming soon

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Elon Musk now reveals additional information to the public for future Tesla Giga Texas expansion plans, and it will add massive terrain to its revised site plans for use. It will stretch from the south of the current gigafactory to the river behind, teasing that it will be “next level” and open to the public.

This is a brand new venture for Musk and Tesla because no other gigafactory saw an expansion that would transform the place and open it up to anyone who wanted to visit. The expansion of Giga Texas would open a promenade it would extend to downtown Austin, and it will soon be more accessible to the public.

Musk claims many activities such as walking, cycling or kayaking in this future extension.

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Giga Texas: tourist site with electric boats

Being open to the public in the future means that it would also be available as a tourist spot, and different people wishing to visit the manufacturing plant would also have a place to hang out. Also, the top billionaire teased the future electric boats from Teslafocusing on retro-futuristic design, primarily centered around a Victorian theme for water vehicles.

Tesla Giga Texas and its future plans

Tesla first unveiled the Giga Texas in previous years, and it’s the latest location for the company’s massive manufacturing plants that will focus on delivering a remarkable number of electric vehicles. Musk previously invited members of the public to join his “Grand Opening Party” which took place in April, with the tech CEO making a few moves during the event.

As August progressed, Musk and Tesla were able to meet their goals of producing one thousand electric vehicles per week, with its supply chain centered on Model Y electric vehicles for public availability. The factory aims to expand its production rate in the future, especially with state-of-the-art casting machines that will deliver the EV’s unibody shell.

Giga Texas is also the site where future Cybertrucks would hit the public for its next speculated release for next year.

In addition to focusing on electric vehicles and other Tesla technologies, Gigafactory Texas would also serve as a future tourist hub open to the public for recreation, gatherings, and more. The company would use the river behind it for a walk, with users able to hire electric boats and cruise around it in a retro-futuristic Victorian style.

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