The 108-foot Mahadeshwara male statue is working at full speed


Rs. 20 crore heritage mountain project to be completed by September 2022

By Mohan Kayaka

Over 60-65% of work has been completed to build a 108ft statue of Male Mahadeshwara Swamy on top of Male Mahadeshwara Hills (MM Hills).

The 27-foot pedestal on which the tiger-topped Madappa statue was built and work is underway to build the tiger and the statue which will stand 81 feet tall. The concrete and iron statue is designed as “Mahadeshwara Swamy seated on a tiger, holding his Trishula”.

The height from the base of the pedestal to the top will be 108 feet and the total project estimate is Rs. 20 crores. Sri Male Mahadeshwara Swamy Development Authority (MMDA) installs the statue as a tourist attraction on top of the hill.

The project was conceived in 2016 and the current statue stands on a 2-acre plot at Deepadagiri Oddu, about 500 meters from the Temple complex. PSAP Architects is executing the project and actual works started on 16.3.2020 and the project will be completed by 15.9.2022, Executive Engineer and Project Technical Advisor H. Kumar told Star of Mysore.

MMDA secretary Jayavibhavaswamy is personally reviewing the progress of the project, he added.

The MMDA proposed to develop the area along the lines of a heritage mountain. The statue stands in a 20-acre complex and additional land will be needed to include more attractions.

The base of the statue will house a museum which will depict the historic place and its presiding deity Male Mahadeshwara. In the museum, stories related to Male Mahadeshwara Swamy will be told. Many idols that explain the story of the Lord will find a place in the museum.

The construction of a spacious and green garden and a musical fountain is also planned near the statue. Other highlights include a folk village called “Janapada Loka” which will provide a platform for folk artists to show off their talent at festivals and other occasions, an amphitheater and a prayer hall.

Basic facilities will be developed at Nagamale and steps will be taken to recruit staff to improve facilities on the Hill. An action plan has been prepared to develop the hill in phases in addition to constructing toilets, providing drinking water and parking facilities for worshippers. CCTV cameras with a wide range will be installed in the complex.


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