The city’s sights are a major draw for Mumbai filmmakers



Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The sights of the city and the surrounding area are becoming a major attraction for filmmakers. A music album, ‘Laagi Tujhse Lagan’, was recently shot in Mandav and Jam Gate by a production company. The song was shot by Martand Productions under the direction of Abhijit Adhya, who has won several awards for his work.

Adhya said he needed a location that has a mix of greenery and heritage for his shoot. He was recommended by a few people he knew to visit Indore and Mandu to recognize the places. He visited the places and found them perfect for his song.

He said that if they needed to shoot in such a location in Mumbai, they had to develop a set for it or use visual effects. Both of these methods increase the cost of production and the yield sometimes does not go as expected. He added that filming at Jam Gate and Mandav cost them a lot less than it should have recreated a setting for just a few minutes.

The actors and the team

Models Rudra, Kinjal and Anushka performed in the song, choreographed by dance director Jeet under the direction of Abhijit Aadya.

Composer Mani Shankar composed the music with 25 musicians from Mumbai.

Poet Sheel Choudhary wrote the song and the singer is Alok Masih.

The song was shot by cameraman Ritesh Richaria and the producer is Rajesh Mishra.

The Indori Ishq web series was also filmed in Indore

MX Player’s webcast, Indori Ishq, was filmed in Bada Rawla and other locations in Indore, as well as locations near the city. The story also relates to Indore in one way or another. The series was very popular with viewers. The web series was rated 8.5 by IMDb. The show was directed and produced by Samit Kakkad, who designed his first finished nine-episode series for the OTT space, which has been very successful so far.

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