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THE MAYOR OF Lucea and Chairman of the Hanover Municipal Corporation (HMC), Sheridan Samuels, says a similar statue of national hero Sir Alexander Bustamante, which has been unveiled on the grounds of the Hanover Parish Library, should stand in the town square. of the capital of the parish, Lucea.

He said the HMC is taking steps to achieve this.

While saluting at the unveiling ceremony, Samuels argued that with statues, buildings and roads across the country already named in honor of the former prime minister, it’s not too late to that a statue of him be placed in the town square of Lucea, which is already called Sir Alexander Bustamante Square. He said such a task should have been done in the parish more than a decade ago.

“As proud Hanoverians, whether by birth, marriage or migration, we should all know about the life of this great man and celebrate him, not only as a national hero, but also as a son of the soil. (from Hanover),” he said. declared.

“As the HMC continues to honor Sir Alexander Bustamante, plans are in place for a statue to be erected in front of the (HMC) building, but we are having some difficulty,” Samuels said.

“I came here today for the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) to continue the good work they have done and to help the municipality help us in some way to install this statue of Sir Alexander Bustamante in the town square of Lucea, so that people at least know (the origin) of the name of the square itself,” he continued.

Hanover is the parish of birth, residence and schooling of Sir Alexander in his early years. Each year, the HMC, in conjunction with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, ensures that his life and legacy are commemorated through a celebratory event on his birthday.

In an interview with the gleaner following his presentation, Samuels emphasized that he was not seeking to have the newly erected statue on the library grounds moved to Lucea Square, but rather that a separate statue be commissioned and erected in the plaza. from the city.

“We at the HMC had passed a resolution there, that we put a monument to Sir Alexander Bustamante, as well as former Prime Minister PJ Patterson, in that space, so that people could recognize the space and to know that it is Bustamante Square, and secondly, to display the two prime ministers that we have coming from the parish of Hannover,” he said.

He pointed out that the resolution was passed about four to five months ago.

Asked about the targeted time frame in which the HMC hopes to achieve the resolution’s goal, Samuels said that with the Jamaica 60 celebrations continuing through August 2023, it is hoped that it will be achieved before the celebrations end. .

“We have to have Sir Alexander Bustamante there (in the town square) and also PJ Patterson,” he stressed.

Samuels said his presence at the unveiling proved beneficial, as he had the opportunity to meet the sculptor and made the necessary contact.

Describing the statue as an excellent work of art, Samuels said: ‘What I saw here today shows me exactly what we want, so I spoke to the artist and we exchanged information to that we can keep the ball rolling now. ”

“I don’t want to catch it next year (2023) (assembly of the statue in Lucea Square), if next year to catch it, it will be because of how quickly the sculptor can do the job “Samuels said.

The Sir Alexander Bustamante statue, along with two storyboards, unveiled by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, were designed and sculpted by Scheed Cole, director of Sculptural Elements and Construction 001 Limited. Information from TPDCo is that Sculptural Elements and Construction 001 Limited is a creative arts company with approximately 20 years of experience in providing sculptural solutions for attractions.

The statue was made at a cost of approximately $3 million.

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