The most common complaints about Dublin’s popular tourist attractions


Dublin offers an array of attractions and things to do for tourists visiting here.

While things like the Book of Kells and Temple Bar are hugely popular destinations for people visiting Ireland’s capital, not everyone is always impressed with what they experience.

Here are some common tourist complaints about popular Dublin attractions.

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Crowds at the Book of Kells

The Book of Kells is described by Trinity College as “Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure”. Although a very popular attraction, especially for history buffs, not everyone is impressed with their visit to the artifact.

Among the critics on the poorer side were people who pointed out the crowd.

“We were let loose in the exhibit to be bombarded by crowds of people,” a Tripadvisor reviewer said in June 2022.

Another said: ‘Those with earlier timed tickets should leave so those arriving later have space to browse.’

The Book of Kells has attracted some very famous faces

Prices in Temple Bar

This one comes as no huge surprise to Dubs, who knows that the tourist hotspot that is Temple Bar is known to house some rather expensive pints.

Although the area is home to many interesting attractions, the biggest impression on some visitors is the high prices, as well as the multitude of bachelor parties and bachelor parties.

One Tripadvisor user wrote: “The prices are outrageous; the quality is mediocre and it’s as representative of Ireland as Las Vegas is of the United States.”

Another said: ‘The food in the area is great but beware of overpriced pubs.’

Smiling tourists in front of the Molly Malone statue

Most of the negative reviews of the Molly Malone statue aren’t actually about the statue itself. Rather, they point to the behavior of tourists around the statue.

A Tripadvisor reviewer wrote: “The tourists groping the Molly statue were absolutely worth seeing! Really, what are you trying to achieve? The sexualization of a fictional, harshly done woman is pathetically sad.

Another wrote: “All you’re going to see is an endless procession of smiling male tourists having their picture taken with their hands on her bronze cleavage. A bit old hat to be honest, and a bit awkward for anyone with kids or just a desire to really look at the statue.”

Statue of Molly Malone on Suffolk Street, Dublin
Statue of Molly Malone on Suffolk Street, Dublin

The Ha’penny Bridge is just a bridge

Some tourists seem surprised that when they reach the Ha’penny Bridge, it is indeed a bridge.

One person said: “Okay so we walked across the Ha’penny Bridge, took some obligatory photos, not sure why all the fuss. Lots more interesting and beautiful bridges in cities around the world.”

Another said: “As a typical tourist, I was probably expecting too much. It was just a random little bridge.”

View of the Ha'penny Bridge on a bright sunny day.
View of the Ha’penny Bridge on a bright sunny day.

The arrow

“Nothing you need to see. It’s a metal thing going up into the sky,” one person said of The Spire on O’Connell Street.

Another said: “It’s not exactly the Eiffel Tower. If you’re around it’s fine, but you’re definitely not going to see it”.

The arrow


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