The most overrated tourist attractions in 2022


This is part three of a week-long series investigating Fodor’s summer travels. You can read the first part, second partpart four and part five. Fodor’s Travel surveyed 1,527 readers via our newsletter. Want to take part in future Fodor surveys? Make your voice heard ! Register here.

The results of Fodor’s summer travel survey are in! This summer, 87% of Americans plan to travel and 70% of respondents are planning domestic destinations. For the past two years, America’s national parks have been the nation’s top attractions and they should be filled with happy campers in the months ahead. But there are spots that don’t win the hearts of our readers.

We asked readers what readers think is the most overrated attraction in the world. The answers varied enormously. Two people specifically pointed to the FRIENDS Discover New Yorka recreation of sets of Friends, and three people really dislike Wall Drug, a kitsch pharmacy in Wall, South Dakota. A handful of readers pointed out the Grand Canyon, with one writing, it’s just “a giant hole in the ground.” Another reader found the Sistine Chapel to be “a little dull”.

Meanwhile, some readers dislike entire cities: 2% cited Los Angeles (“terrible,” wrote one dissatisfied visitor), 2% wrote New York (“too crowded, expensive, too touristy”) and 4% think the whole city of Las Vegas is overrated (“noisy” and “kitschy”).

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But the only attraction that came up, again and again, was Disney. In fact, 17% of readers said that an American Disney theme park –Walt Disney World Orlando or Disneyland in Anaheim – was the most overrated attraction in the world.

And the main reasons? Too crowded and too expensive. One respondent noted, “Just too crowded. I made it for my daughter and she loved it. I would never go alone in this kind of attraction.

Another said he didn’t like it even when he was a kid!

And one complained about the disappointment they faced when they visited Walt Disney World for its 50th anniversary, only to find some attractions closed. “[W]With WDW prices increasing, I expected my experience to be equal to my last trip in 2017. They say WDW is the most magical place in the world. It’s definitely…all my money was gone in two days. Unfortunately, we received less for more time and money.


The 5 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions

Disney isn’t the only popular tourist site to get the ire of our readers. Although he is the least popular, he is in good company. According to our survey, these are the most overrated attractions in the world:

1. Disney theme parks
2. The Leaning Tower of Pisa
3. The Eiffel Tower
4. Times Square
5. The Louvre

Disney Misfortunes

there are several of them what happens at disney this year—new Disney Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Experience to the new cruise ship, the Disney Wishwho sets sail this summer. But Disney dominated the headlines for weeks for another reason as well, which may have partly contributed to the animosity among readers.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed a bill last month who stripped Disney of its special status in the state after the Mouse House criticized Florida “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which prohibits schools from educating students in kindergarten through third grade about sexual orientation and gender identity.

The 25,000-acre theme park, which has 80,000 employees, will not be able to self-govern starting June 1, 2023. Disney World has operated as its own municipal government in Florida since 1967. It builds its own roads, collects taxes and has its own fire department.

Disney was initially hesitant to condemn the bill, but after facing an outpouring of vocal backlash, he slammed it. CEO Bob Chapek has announced that the company will stop donating to Florida – it has make a donation $300,000 to bill funders over the past two years, including $50,000 to Governor DeSantis.

Details still need to be ironed out, like who will inherit Disney’s $1 billion debt— but parks already criticized for being exorbitant may become more Dear. Disney has yet to respond, but questions arise over the park’s future in Florida with other inviting states to move to a more friendly atmosphere.

Disney faced further criticism last year, including from Fodor’s, which highlighted its many problematic attractions and the controversy surrounding its Tenaya Stone Spa.


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