The most popular tourist sites in Lagos


In a list compiled by the Nation newspaper, here is a list of the most visited places by tourist visitors to the city of Lagos:

1. Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)

The fact that a church tops the list might come as a surprise to many. The SCOAN is led by Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua and is located at Ikotun in Lagos West. It is said to attract the greatest number of tourists not only to Lagos but to Nigeria as a whole.

Nation asserts that “Tourists from all over the world, crossing different geographical locations, races and religions, visit The SCOAN on pilgrimage to worship, listen to the Prophet Joshua and find solutions to their physical and spiritual ailments… The steady number of tourists who Continues to flock to the church is a testament to the worldwide popularity of the church.The church has been visited by many incumbent heads of government, former presidents and foreign presidential candidates, many of whom have won their elections.

Popularly called Fela Shrine, it’s the home of inspirational lyrics, sweet palm wine, political banter, spinning dancing and a big high! It was built by Femi Kuti, a scion of the late Afro-beat legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Tourists visiting Lagos always feel like the trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the shrine to get a feel for the musical vibe of Fela. French President Macron claims to have visited the shrine several times all those years ago when he was an intern at the Nigerian Embassy. It is therefore no surprise when he chose the Sanctuary as the place to visit during his tour of Nigeria.

Founded by legendary artist, Chief (Mrs.) Nike Ekundaye, Nike Gallery offers the total Nigerian experience. Tourists are greeted with drums and chants by hospitable gallery staff in full Nigerian costume. The gallery offers a crash adire/batik workshop where visitors are trained in batik making, a feast of traditional specialties like akara and puff puff, a dance class that tests the flexibility and dexterity of the feet and finally, the opportunity to visit the gallery which is filled with old, classic and modern Nigerian artworks in different media. You could spend hours moving around the work.

Freedom Park is a former colonial prison located on Hospital Road, Marina, Lagos. It was opened in 1882, but later closed and abandoned for several years. In 2010, the former prison was transformed into a cultural and recreational center. The various cells in the prison have past horror stories to tell.

The internationally acclaimed art house, Terra Kulture is the home of contemporary visual and theatrical arts in Nigeria. It has a restaurant, a craft shop, a library, a language school and a theater and its central element; the art gallery.

Others on this list are: Iga Idugaran at Isale Eko, Eko Atlantic City, Elegushi Beach and the National Museum


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