The world’s most criticized tourist attractions – and 3 are in the UK


The world’s most criticized tourist attractions including the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Palace of Versailles – and three are actually in the UK

The Pyramids of Giza didn’t impress everyone on Tripadvisor

Three of the world’s most criticized tourist attractions are in the UK.

While Britain has a reputation as the tourism capital of the world – with 18 million people visiting London in 2018 alone – it turns out that some people leave feeling a bit changed.

An analysis of more than 80,000 reviews left on Tripadvisor has revealed the world’s most criticized tourist attractions.

Topping the list is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which a fifth of people rated as terrible or mediocre, while the Palace of Versailles garnered the same reaction from 17% of visitors.

In third place, and the lowest rated entrant in the UK, is Stonehenge.

Big Ben has been the subject of much criticism


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Eight percent of people who have visited the prehistoric wonder considered it a dumb attraction, despising the monuments that have confounded archaeologists for centuries.

“It’s just a pile of rocks,” lambasted a disgruntled tourist.

“I don’t know why anyone would love to go to Stonehenge.”

Another raged: “I feel embarrassed as an Englishman how this site is ‘run’ by English Heritage. It’s all about them making money.

“Parking is £5 to start, then to enter the site it’s £24.95 for an adult.”

Others pointed to the site’s canine policy – which bans dogs from certain areas – and the cleanliness of the cafe.

Stonehenge also entered the firing line


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The iconic “pile of rocks” was followed in the rankings by the Hollywood Sign in fourth place and Big Ben in fifth place.

Five percent of all people who visit the Elizabeth Tower and its famously named bell consider it a “terrible” landmark.

Many of the bad reviews came when the tower was under a period of construction which saw its side covered in scaffolding and plastic sheeting.

‘I spent £27 on a taxi to visit this tower but he didn’t tell me the tower was closed,’ said a disappointed tourist.

“It’s not that big,” another noted.

The Empire State Building also had its detractors


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Although there are plenty of Debbie Downers among visitors to Big Ben, the vast majority of people praised the iconic tower and gave it five stars.

The White House, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Empire State Building, Pyramids of Giza and Buckingham Palace make up the rest of the top ten.

For 3% of the nearly 30,000 reviewers at Her Majesty’s official residence, the palace falls short.

“Waste of money,” one person said.

“Most of the garden is fenced off, extra to see the rose garden. Wouldn’t recommend this experience, more time spent queuing to get through security!”

Another added: “That should be zero odds. It costs £16.50 just to walk around the lawn. Most of the garden is cordoned off and I would say the garden is shabby at best.”

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