This Russian village has a life-size three-headed dragon statue



You might have been intrigued by the sight of a huge three-headed dragon statue and wondered where it originally came from. Turns out it’s part of a Russian theme park filled with sculptures.

He also screams threateningly and breathes fire.

The village of Kamenka in the Lipetsk region of Russia has gained popularity in recent times as the home of Zmei Gorynich, a huge three-headed statue. The dragon looks exceptionally realistic and a “frighteningly appealing” portrayal of one of the most iconic villains in Slavic folklore.

The dragon statue is part of the Kudykina Gora theme park, which is full of all kinds of exciting things. Kudykina has become an exciting tourist destination, mainly thanks to the statue of Zmei Gorynich. It was created by Ukrainian sculptor Vladimir Kolesnikov. Zmei is around 15 meters tall and the size of a scary three-headed dragon. Oh, and to be clear, the dragon is breathing fire.

It took two long years of work to bring this life-size dragon to life from a concept. Finally, after two years, the Unleashed Monster was exposed to enthusiasts. It is located on top of a mound in the center of Kudykina Gora Park.

Images of the statue garnered over a million likes while it was under construction in 2017. It is now one of the main attractions in Kamenka village. However, what attracts tens of thousands of tourists a year is the fascination of seeing the beast in all its glory. Flames erupt from its three vents, leaving plumes of black smoke floating around.

This life-size three-headed dragon statue in Russia exudes real fire

This show is presented every day at 7:00 p.m. and on public holidays. But like all wonderful shows, this one also requires enthusiasts to drive over 400 km from Moscow on the M4 Don motorway. The family park that is home to this dragon has other attractions for the whole family. A must visit if you are in Russia.



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