Tourism department aims to make Vijaynagar valley a tourist spot


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HAZOLO, October 9: Aiming to transform the scenic Vijaynagar Valley in Changlang District into a sought-after tourist hotspot, the Changlang Tourism Department recently organized a tourism awareness program in Hazolo Village in Vijaynagar Circle, themed “ Rethinking tourism”.

The program was supported by Mugaphi Tours & Trek, SHG Hazolo and other stakeholders.

Hazolo is a clean, beautiful and well organized village, inhabited by the warm and hospitable Yobin/Lisu tribe. It has enormous potential to become a popular destination for rural tourism.

Located on the top of a hill, overlooking a nearby Nepalese village and the river downstream, the village of Hazolo consists of 40 households, with a population of around 250 people.

Renowned for being extremely skilled craftsmen, the villagers produce high quality handicrafts.

During the program, the villagers presented various handicrafts, looms, traditional handicrafts, agro-food products, local cuisine, etc. They also demonstrated the techniques of making dry grass mats, bows and arrows, and baskets.

SHG members also showcased their methodologies for making traditional rice cakes and unique hemp woven textiles. Dances as well as traditional games and sports, among other activities, were also performed by the villagers.

Tourist information officer Khoda Yakang educated the villagers on tourism, homestay, hospitality and cleanliness. He also made the villagers aware of the need to conserve the rich flora and fauna and to preserve their centuries-old culture and traditions.

Tour operators Yolisa Yobin and Yofuna Yobin shared their experience in handling customers and tourists and urged their employees to be welcoming and welcoming to tourists.

Public leader Liakhu Yobin and Milina Yobin, speaking on behalf of Hazolo SHG, expressed their gratitude to the department for organizing the program and imparting knowledge on the importance of tourism for economic and socio-cultural sustainability.


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