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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Vellayani will soon be propelled as a major destination on the tourist map. The tourism department is now on a mission to make Vellayani a famous tourist destination. With its rice paddies and the popular Kireedam Bridge, the Vellayani region is considered with great tourism potential. The District Tourism Promotion Board (DTPC), Thiruvananthapuram, has submitted a detailed proposal to the government to develop the area into a major tourist spot.

The plan proposes a holistic development of the region by projecting the natural wealth of the region and the popularity of the Kireedam Bridge, the bridge made famous by the Malayalam film “Kireedam”. Officials from DTPC Trivandrum, the panchayat and local ornithologist researchers in the area held discussions, while site visits also took place. The tourism project to develop the area and bring more attention to the Kireedam Bridge was announced by Education Minister V Sivankutty earlier on World Tourism Day. The project proposal was written after it was announced.

“The focus is solely on beautifying the area. Construction activities are minimal and only to facilitate basic amenities for tourists. Eco-responsible development is planned. Many people make short visits here. Developing amenities is to make sure they get to spend time here. The bridge is the highest point in the area. Apart from the renovation of the bridge, the area is also renowned for its natural richness, with many people arriving here for birdwatching. Thus, observation towers will be installed to help photography enthusiasts and birdwatchers. A restaurant selling local delicacies is also part of the plan. The proposal has been submitted to the government,” said a source in the tourism department.

The section from the Puncharikkari junction to the Kireedam Paalam in the East constitutes the part of the region which will be beautified. The second section starts from the Kireedam Bridge and heads south. The Kireedam Bridge will be redesigned and pendant lights will be installed. The other plan includes the beautification of the section, the protection of the edges of the path, the establishment of a promenade in the rice field, the installation of street furniture, lighting, the observation tower, the cafeteria , monitoring system, etc.

As the wetlands are famous for frequent visits by migrating birds, bird watching towers will be installed. During this time, construction will be limited to ensure very basic amenities for tourists, with light elements of street furniture and electrical installations.


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