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LAHORE: The Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP), in a bid to promote eco-tourism, is setting up glamping pods at various tourist spots in the province to provide tourists with low-cost accommodation. The project will cost Rs40m.

According to the relevant officials, the installation of glamping pods had been completed in Patriata, Murree, and they would also be installed in Kotli Sattian, Soon Valley and Changa Manga.

TDCP chief executive Tanveer Jabbar said the project would introduce a new means of budget accommodation for tourists and develop new tourist spots near Murree to divert the city’s burden. He said the installation would not affect the environment.

TDCP Spokesman Abid Shaukat said that in Pakistan, KP Tourism (TCKP) pioneered the idea of ​​glamping pods and installed glamping pods in Thandiani (Galyat), Bishigram (Swat), Sheikh Badin (Lakki Marwat), Shangla (Malakand) and Sharan (Mansehra). The project was a success and was appreciated by the large number of visitors.

Mr Shaukat says Patriata was chosen to set up glamping pods because a large number of tourists visited Patriata at the top. Many tourists would like to spend the night at the top of Patriata, but there was no accommodation there, he said, however, now the glamping pods have solved the accommodation problem.

These glamping modules will be installed in different tourist destinations in Punjab including Patriata top and Kotli Sattian. The project is expected to open up new investment avenues for the private sector, create employment opportunities for the local population and contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.

The glamping modules have been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions with sufficient ventilation for hot days and insulation to provide cold resistance in cold weather.

Posted in Dawn, August 25, 2021


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