TS becomes a tourist spot due to upcoming elections: Kalvakuntla Kavitha


Hyderabad: TRS MLC and former Nizamabad MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha on Monday attacked BJP Chairman JP Nadda and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s upcoming visit to the state and said Telangana is becoming a tourist spot because elections are approaching .

Attacking BJP Chairman JP Nadda’s visit to Mahabubnagar on Thursday, the TRS leader said he was coming to trigger clashes between communities and create differences between people. “Our job is not like that, it’s the job of the BJP. We believe the people of Telangana will understand this conspiracy and stand with TRS and KCR,” Ms Kavitha said.

She also attacked Rahul Gandhi’s Friday visit to Warangal and said that when TRS was fighting the paddy issue, they asked Rahul Gandhi to raise the issue in parliament and support the farmers of Telangana. “He did not talk about Telangana farmers in Parliament. Now he comes to Warangal and holds a public rally as Rythu Sangharshana Sabha. This is politics. This is not Rythu Sangharshana Sabha, it is Rahul Gandhi’s own Sangarshna Sabha,” she said.

Ms. Kavitha continued: “I have a direct question for MPs from Telangana. Have you raised the paddy issue in Parliament? If you haven’t, you are not allowed to do so in Warangal. Telangana are followed by all states, so what is the interest of Rythu Sangharshana Sabha in Warangal.”

She alleged that IITs and NITs were not sanctioned for Telangana and that none of the Congress MPs including Rahul Gandhi spoke about Telangana’s issues. “Telangana was created in 2014 but Rahul Gandhi never spoke about the State in Parliament. Why does he come to Osmania University or Warangal?” she asked.

“MP for Nizamabad cheated farmers”

The MLC also attacked the current MP for Nizamabad, Arvind Dharmapuri, and said he had failed to persuade the Union government to establish a turmeric council in the district.

Ms Kavitha said she had not spoken on the matter for the past three years as she wanted to respect the mandate issued by the people of Nizamabad and give the current MP time to do something about his promises to farmers of the district. She also cited a response from RTI on the budget allocated to turmeric farmers.

“Mr. Arvind, over the past three years, has only been able to secure an allocation of Rs. 1.92 crore for almost a million turmeric growers. less than Rs. 250. All he did was deceive the farmers by handing out bond paper,” she alleged.


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