Two of America’s most visited tourist spots are in Illinois


The United States is vast, so I was quite surprised to find that Illinois was home to two of America’s most visited tourist spots.

I mean, sure, we have Chicago in Illinois, so that’s one thing, but it’s just one of the many big cities, so I didn’t really think I would see it on the list.

Then I made my way through Newsweek 25 most visited tourist spots in America and then I understood why.

Growing up in Chicago, there were some places you didn’t go because “that’s where the tourists go.”

If you grew up in New York, the chances of you going to Times Square to go out are not great. It is also another place where tourists go.

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In fact, Newsweek claims Times Square is America’s most popular tourist spot.

New York is so popular with tourists that six different destinations in the Big Apple are listed.

For Illinois, only two. Again, it was two more than I expected.

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Here is the first:

Lincoln Park in Chicago

Newsweek via MSN says “Chicago’s most famous public land was originally known as Lake Park until 1865, when John Wilkes Booth assassinated the president.”

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I guess I went to Lincoln Park when I was a kid, but it was only to go to the zoo. I don’t know what else to do there other than go out to eat. FYI, one of my all-time favorite restaurants is in Lincoln Park. See my video review HERE.

Anyway, here is Illinois’ second tourist trap, destination error:

Marine Pier

According to Newsweek via MSN, “The 3,300-foot Navy Pier has a lot to offer to anyone lucky enough to drop by for a visit. There is plenty of entertainment, dining and, of course, a huge Ferris wheel that offers panoramic views of the whole sea. area, which is beautiful when illuminated at night.

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I didn’t go to Navy Pier until I was an adult. In my whole life, I have been there twice. I even took a ride on the Ferris wheel once. This is the kind of place where if you have a list of things to see while visiting Chicago, you see it, write it down, and move on.

It’s so mundane. Now, if you really want to see something cool while you’re in Illinois, head to Rockford to check out the Rockmen Guardians. It’s much cheaper than a Ferris wheel ride on the pier and much cooler to see in person.

Chicago is great, but is it one of the Top 100 Places to Live in the Midwest? Check out the full list.

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