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Ayodhya will become the largest spiritual tourism destination in the world by 2030, Union Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy said on Wednesday. While addressing the Deepotsav event at Ram Katha Park in Ayodhya, Reddy said the Ram Mandir will be built soon and will further increase tourism opportunities in the state.

“Ram Mandir will be built soon and Ayodhya will soon become one of the largest tourist cities in the world by 2030, as people from all over the world will come to the city and offer prayers at the temple,” the minister said. Union.

“The tourist possibilities will also increase after the construction of the temple. Ayodhya is a city of determination, of heritage. It is a spiritual city. It will soon be a city of tourists,” he added.

Speaking about the ongoing development works in Ayodhya, Reddy said that an international airport is being built in Ayodhya, followed by the development works of rail and road connectivity. Central and state governments are working on the city’s infrastructure and development, and the government has estimated the number of tourists to cross five crore over the next 10 years.

Speaking on the occasion of Deepotsav 2021, he said he said the lighting of 12 lakh diyas in Ayodhya sent Lord Ram’s message of modesty to the world. “Just as the oil lamps were lit when Lord Rama returned from his exile in Ayodhya, the government lit oil lamps at Deepotsav and rekindled the city. These oil lamps light up the whole world, ”said Reddy.

Deepotsav 2021

The Deepotsav festival celebrated by the government of Uttar Pradesh led by Yogi Adityanath attends a massive celebration by lighting up thousands of diyas, laser shows, Ramlila and many other programs. The tradition has continued since Adityanath took over the office. This day marks the start of the Diwali festival.

This year, the state government set a new record by lighting 12 lakh diyas on that day, entering the Guinness Book of Records again. Deepotsav started around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday and the event brought together CM Adityanath, UP Governor Anandiben Patel and Union Tourism Minister Kishan Reddy.

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