Unity Statue guides return tourist’s purse containing Rs 70,000 in cash and deserve praise for their honesty



Four guides working at the Statue of Unity in Gujarat returned a purse containing Rs 70,000 in cash to its rightful owner, a woman based in Uttar Pradesh, who left it in a food court during his visit to the Gujarat statue a few days ago.

As the woman had already left for her hometown in UP, officials at the Statue of Unity, located near Kevadia in the Narmada district, handed the purse to her Gujarat-based relative on Wednesday after checking the information. details, the Statue of Development Unity and Tourism Governance Authority said in a statement.

Gujarat’s Additional Chief Secretary Rajiv Kumar Gupta praised the guides for their honesty and integrity. On September 19, four guides – Shahin Memon, Jully Pandya, Jyotsna Tadvi, and Pratap Tadvi – found an unclaimed handbag as they made their way to the food court during lunch break. The handbag contained Rs 70,000 in cash, keys and other items, according to the statement.

Realizing that it could be a tourist, the guides immediately alerted senior official Pratik Mathur, who, along with other staff, then began searching for the tourist using documents found at the inside the handbag. After calling a few numbers, authorities learned that the handbag belonged to Sneha Jalan, who visited the 182-meter-high statue and other tourist attractions with her relatives on September 19, then left for UP.

Since the woman could not return to pick up her purse, she urged officials to give it to her Gujarat-based relative. The handbag was handed over to a relative of Jalan on Wednesday, according to the statement.

Additional Chief Secretary Rajiv Kumar Gupta, who is also chairman of the Statue of Unity Area Development and Tourism Governance Authority, praised the guides for their honesty. “Unity also symbolizes integrity and honesty !! 4 Kevadia guides have been righteous in ensuring that a lost handbag reaches its rightful owner. Shahin, Jully, Pratap and Jyotsna have found a purse with Rs 70K cash and other food court items. The purse belonged to Sneha Jalan, “Gupta tweeted Wednesday.

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