‘Unspoiled’ tourist spots attract attention amid pandemic




‘Intact’ tourism has become a new trend amid the prolonged spread of the novel coronavirus.

The new style of travel – the name being a Korean contraction of “breaking contact” – refers to avoiding crowded places or indoor activities, and instead looking to outdoor attractions with plenty of space.

Targeting the upcoming holidays, operators of several popular tourist spots among South Koreans, including Busan and South Gyeongsang Province, have promoted a list of tourist attractions suitable for families and friends to enjoy. while walking away. They mainly consist of large outdoor spaces such as mountain trails and botanical gardens.

Although the number of new cases of the virus has remained low in Korea, local health officials remain vigilant for possible cluster infections that may arise during the holidays. As overseas travel has been largely suspended or unavailable due to various restrictions, many people are expected to stay at home or take short trips locally.

The long holiday period that began on Thursday with Buddha’s birthday extends until next Tuesday, Children’s Day.

By Kim Tae-eun ([email protected])



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