Viral video: Thousands of tourists flock to China after lockdown eased



As China has closed the last of its many makeshift hospitals in Wuhan following a drop in transmitted COVID-19 cases in the country, its recent attempt to ease lockdown restrictions has resulted in the crowding of thousands of people in one of its popular tourist spots in the country, causing social distancing caution to the winds.

Video of the incident, which has gone viral on multiple social media platforms, shows a compact crowd thronging the Huangshan Mountains in Anhui wearing masks after the provincial government offered free entry to visitors. However, the sudden increase, which exceeded its daily limit of 20,000, forced the government to shut down the tourist site, the South China Morning Post reported.

Watch the video here:

Since being shared online, the video has sparked several reactions, with many criticizing visitors for overcrowding the area amid the ongoing pandemic. “Management should be punished for allowing this crowd!” One user wrote while sharing the viral clip.



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