What is your favorite tourist spot in Bangalore and why?


Lavanya, housewife

Cubbon Park is the one and only park where all age groups can visit. Elders walk here and children play. The attraction of the park is the beauty of the pink and yellow flowers of tabebuia rosea.

Aryan Sheth, BM Reader

My favorite place is Cubbon Park. It is an ideal place to relax and feel close to nature, away from the noise of the city.

Rachana R, BM reader

My favorite place is Vidhana Sudha because the architecture is very beautiful. I like to visit it in the morning because it is less crowded and the surroundings are very quiet.

Gopal Shastry, BM player

The Indian Music Experience Museum of the Millenium Brigade in bangalore has become a favorite tourist spot. Natural elements installed at the entrance create rhythmic notes to the touch, welcoming the visitor. A wide spread of music and dance from different regions and cultures of India can be seen and heard as you walk around. The display of over 100 instruments typical of India is a rare sight. It is a must visit.

Aditya Kamble, student

Nandi Hills is my favorite tourist spot because of its mesmerizing beauty and watching the sunrise is an amazing experience. The elevation is around 1,450 meters which involves a certain amount of trekking, but the experience is worth the effort and time. It is also ideal for bird watching.

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