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The Jade Statue is an ancient Mayan artifact that you are commissioned to photograph in Forza Horizon 5. This guide will help you pinpoint its location, as well as any other points of interest in the surrounding area.

Taking a photo of the jade statue is an optional objective of the Tulum expedition. To participate in this event, you will first need to unlock the “Apex” Road Racing Outpost in the Horizon Adventure menu. Once you’ve done that, head to the expedition starting point, which is southeast of El Estadio Horizon.

If you’re having trouble finding the storefront on the cluttered map, you can either filter out all other icons (by pressing RB on the Xbox controller) or just search for an image of a blue temple. We’ve highlighted it in the screenshot below.

Once you’re in the event, you’ll be taken on a trip across the country to the resort town of Tulum (which was on our list of the best actual tourist destinations you can visit in Forza Horizon 5).

Along the way you will stop at Ek ‘Balam for some sightseeing and this is where you will find the Jade Statue.

The image shows the “Forza Horizon 5” map. The Tulum Expedition is located southeast of El Estadio Horizon.
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Location of the jade statue

After you run to Ek ‘Balam, things will slow down and you will have a choice. You can either drive straight to Ramiro on the outskirts of the archaeological site (to start the last leg of the expedition) or lie down for a bit and complete some optional objectives. If you decide to do the latter, you will be rewarded with additional reward points (as well as some achievements).

One of these optional tasks is to take a photo of the jade statue. Of all the objectives, this is probably the most difficult as it is remarkably well hidden, and the expedition is beset by heavy rain which obscures your vision.

The statue itself sits nestled in the northwest corner of the Ek ‘Balam site, surrounded by poles. Its specific location can be seen in the photo below.

Once you find it, press the Xbox Controller to pull out your camera and take a photo of the artifact.

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Reach the top of the central ruin

Reaching the top of the central ruin is relatively easy. All you have to do is find the imposing pyramid in the middle of Ek ‘Balam and climb to the top of its stairs. Again, the relevant location can be seen in the mini-map in the screenshot below.

Central Ruin of Ek 'Balam Forza Horzion 5
The central ruin of Ek ‘Balam obviously sits in the middle of the area and looks like a giant pyramid.
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Find a location for the Horizon radio beacon

The next optional objective of the Tulum Expedition is to find a suitable location for the Horizon beacon.

For this one, you need to head east from the central ruin and find the bridge that has been laid on the jungle floor. Mount this decking then press the X button to deploy the beacon. This will unlock the “New Tune” achievement.

Horizon transmitter location
You can place the Horizon radio beacon on this wooden deck east of the Central Ruin.
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Location of the golden statue

Taking a picture of the golden statue will unlock the “An Object of Extreme Valuable” achievement. This particular idol can be found in the southeast corner of Ek ‘Balam, just on the outskirts of the site. Its precise location is shown in the photo below.

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