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First published in the October 2 print issue of Chief of Burbank.

On the occasion of Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary, the city of Burbank is partnering with DC and Warner Bros. to unveil a statue of the superhero in 2022.
This Wonder Woman statue is part of the “Believe in Wonder” campaign honoring the legacy of Wonder Woman and the character’s impact across comics, film and television with its range of publishing items, partnerships, special outings and initiatives, including Wonder Woman’s recent induction into the Comic-Con Hall of Fame.
“The city is thrilled to celebrate 80 years of Wonder Woman history and influence by bringing this new piece of art to the community,” Mayor Bob Frutos said in a press release. “The statue will help spotlight Burbank as a premier tourist destination and illustrate the city’s status as the media capital of the world.”
The Wonder Woman Statue, funded by Visit Burbank, will be DC’s second superhero statue in town; a Batman statue was unveiled in November 2020. More details on the Wonder Woman statue and its location will follow.
DC, Warner Bros. Global Brands and Experiences, WarnerMedia, Visit Burbank and the City of Burbank collaborated on the project.



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