Yogyakarta government conducts random monitoring of tourist attractions


All tourism service businesses and the creative economy sub-sector must be able to implement strict and disciplined health protocols

Yogyakarta (ANTARA) – The Yogyakarta City Tourism Department is carrying out random monitoring of tourist destinations and creative economy actors to verify the implementation of health protocols during the Eid holiday.

“We are carrying out random surveillance monitoring until this weekend on all types of tourism service businesses and the creative economy sub-sector,” the head of the city’s tourism department said on Thursday. Yogyakarta, Wahyu Hendratmoko.

Hendratmoko stressed the importance of conducting this surveillance activity to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission when tourists start flooding the city during the Eid holiday.

“All tourism service businesses and the creative economy sub-sector must be able to implement strict and disciplined health protocols,” he noted.

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One of the monitoring to be carried out is to encourage the manager of tourist services, especially tourist objects, to monitor the number of incoming visitors and ensure that the capacity of tourist attractions remains under control to reduce potential crowds.

Tourist attraction managers may temporarily close the ticket sales counter if the number of tourists is high enough and there is a risk of crowding.

Ticket counters may be reopened if tourist numbers can be successfully reduced to avoid larger crowds.

Hendratmoko noted that the Eid holiday has given impetus to the recovery of tourism in Yogyakarta, which had seen a decline during the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of travel restrictions.

He estimated that during the Eid holiday, the number of tourists visiting Yogyakarta could reach up to 3.9 million people.

“We must ensure that tourists can travel safely and comfortably. We hope that our services for tourists during the Eid holiday can promote Yogyakarta tourism,” he remarked.

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Various efforts have been made at Taman Pintar, one of the tourist attractions run by Yogyakarta city government, to maintain health protocols, including selling tickets online.

Taman Pintar also provides facilities and infrastructure to support the implementation of health protocols, such as handwashing stations and the placement of hand sanitizers in accessible locations, providing temperature measurements and using the PeduliLindungi app for tourists entering the area.

Meanwhile, in Malioboro region, UPT Yogyakarta cultural heritage area chief Ekwanto said his team continued to work on implementing health protocols, including checking body temperature and creating one-way lanes on either side of the pedestrian lanes.

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