Zhujiajiao aims for the first national place as a famous tourist spot



The ancient city of Zhujiajiao, with a history of more than 1,700 years, is on the way to being classified as a national level 5A (high-end) tourist attraction.

The Aquatic City has rich tourism resources and is one of the four famous historical and cultural cities of Shanghai.

The Scenic Area has successfully passed the Landscape Quality Assessment from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and is on track for a National Level 5A Tourist Attraction designation.

Seizing the opportunity, the ancient city modernized its infrastructure and public services to improve the tourist experience.

The water town has seen an increasing number of tourists every year. Its number of tourists has exceeded seven million for four consecutive years.

There is a tourist service center in the south of the scenic area which is small with limited functions.

To improve the comfort of tourists, another service center is being built at the northern entrance to the scenic area.

Construction is in full swing and the centre’s main steel structure has been completed. The construction process is expected to be completed this week.

“The service center will preserve the historic landscape of the aquatic city. It not only provides basic services, but also includes selling and sending cultural and innovative products, ”said Shen Huifeng, construction manager of the center.

With a total investment of 36.48 million yuan ($ 5.64 million), the center will be equipped with an intelligent management system, surveillance cameras and new parking lots.

Some streets of the city have been covered with more greenery and beautified.

The construction of a signage system covering 3.08 square kilometers was completed and 15 public toilets in the city were extended or modernized. The lighting system has also been improved.

Facelift projects have been carried out in major blocks to incorporate the cultural essence into the business environment and ancient architecture.

The aquatic environment has also been improved, obstacles that pose potential safety risks have been removed and new bridge facilities have been constructed.

In the future, a 4-kilometer-long green cycling lane will be built along the Dadian River with rest areas and landscape appreciation points in place.

“The Dadian Lake facilities, located in the main area of ​​the ancient city, are under construction,” said Yao Ye of Zhujiajiao Ancient Town Tourism Development Co Ltd.

“These efforts not only serve tourists, but also provide better living conditions and better services for the townspeople,” Yao said.



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